Headed into the holiday, many people are planning to celebrate and make fun memories with their loved ones. But with that, some serious things can happen. Here is one thing to do before going kicking back on your day off.

The 4th of July is always special, I have so many memories involving the day that'll last me a lifetime. However, on big days like this, accidents can happen. And I'm always going to support being safe and doing my best to help.

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Fireworks, sparklers, grilling, and having some drinks are all in good fun, but year after year they are responsible for leaving many in the ER. Sometimes in life-threatening conditions. Scary to think about, but it is the reality.

Before the big weekend hits us, one big thing we can do to help when these things happen is to donate blood. Just this one thing has been responsible for saving multiple lives, especially on holidays when the hospitals might be busy and in short supply.

Blood bags with donated blood are seen during the world
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Lucky for us, Rockford has many amazing locations to donate blood before we get to the big holiday! These spots need help, so here is the info I was able to find for you to know.

Places in Rockford to Donate Blood

As scary as it is to me, I know that it's so important and could save someone's life. If you or people you know get the chance to do so before the holiday, you should!

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