The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown - H. P. Lovecraft

Twin Sister Hills Park is located between Keith Creek and 27th Street, near East High School. The folk lore and creepy stories of this park are the stuff of legend...So much so that everything that is "unknown" makes this easily the most eerie place in Rockford. MyStateline

While Twin Sisters Park is on one hand a great "family fun location" in the winter, it brings more than a chill in the air the rest of the calendar year. You can play in the snow, sled down the hill, oh and don't forget to take a selfie...Because what you don't know, is good for you.

Hayride Of Horror In Illinois
Hayride Of Horror In Illinois

So if you have never been, haven't heard the stories, allow me to introduce you to pure "eerie." Here are 5 Reasons That Twin Sister Park is The Scariest Place in Rockford:

Passing the Willow Tree Will MAKE YOU enter - There is an old Willow as you enter the park, legend has it that when you pass this tree you will feel it in your bone, you MUST enter.

Carving on the Hanging Tree Come From? - There's an old hanging tree once you enter that has carvings on it. Some you can read, some you can't...How old are these carvings, and where did they come from?

 The Little Girl That Drowned - As you enter Twin Sisters, there is a little girl that walks around and has been noticed by many. Apparently she was a child that drowned in Keith Creek which is nearby.

Depression and Dread Overtakes You - Ever go somewhere that just has a "vibe" when you walk in? Well this place will make you drop a few notches emotionally.

Reports of Death and Hangings - For years it's been talked about, the rumors of people passing and hangings run wild.

path in a dark and scary forest

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