When you think "wild cities", you likely think Las Vegas, right? Maybe Los Angeles or Atlantic City. Maaaybe Chicago? But there is one Midwestern city that is ranked among the craziest in America, and it's likely not one that would be on your "wild radar".

This Wisconsin city seems to be out of control!

A new study from OLBG finds that Milwaukee is one of the wildest U.S. cities. When I say wild, I'm going based on their five sinful metrics:

  • Adults Who Binge Drink/Drink Heavily
  • People Who Have Taken Marijuana
  • People Who Have Taken Cocaine
  • Casinos )per 100,000 Residents)
  • Number of Strip Clubs

Based on those wild happenings, Milwaukee scores, pun intended, high.

So, of the above sins, which did Milwaukee have the most of? With a population of 555,640, according to the study, let's look at how many Milwaukeeans are wild and crazy... allegedly.

Photo by Mark Rohan on Unsplash
Photo by Mark Rohan on Unsplash

Wisconsin is stereotyped as a big beer and booze state, so it may not shock you that its largest city, Milwaukee, has the most excessive drinkers of any American city. About a quarter of adults binge drink, according to the study. Yep, 25% reportedly drink to excess regularly.

One that is shocking to me, the same study finds 19.7% have used cocaine. Like, what? I don't know a single person who's tried coke...

For casinos per 100K residents, Milwaukee only has 0.18, and for strip clubs, there are 10. To the surprise of no one, 62.1% have used marijuana.

Photo by Matthew Schultz on Unsplash
Photo by Matthew Schultz on Unsplash

Our wildest cities

In case you're curious, the other cities to make the list were, in no particular order:

  • Reno
  • Las Vegas
  • Travers City
  • Portland
  • Phoenix
  • Sarasota
  • Tucson
  • Pittsburgh

Planning a visit to any? Milwaukee is clearly the closest. But please, keep your nose clean!

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