We love all babies and all baby photos, but babies with fun names are our favorite. Welcome to the world little girl!

It was just a few weeks ago when I told you about Meteorologist Joey Marino and his wife Gina's pregnancy announcement. It was adorable and if you missed it you definitely need to check it out. 

Fast forward a few weeks and their baby girl has arrived!

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Their original pregnancy announcement was extra cute because the onesie they shared was filled with sun and clouds, perfect for the daughter of a Meteorologist, and the name they decided on is pretty perfect too.

Joey and Gina welcomed Hailey Ryan on April 25 and she's as cute as can be, I mean look at that little face!

I knew Joey and Gina picked out the name Hailey months ago and wondered if there was a special reason. The day after she was born I sent Joey a message, wondering if maybe she was born after Hailey's Comet?

After I sent the message I realized maybe not since, that's spelled 'Halley's Comet...'

Joey answered me and said, nope, no comet, she's actually named after 'hail.'

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Which I think is the perfect way to incorporate her dad's love of storm chasing without going too far.

Sending all the love to the Marino family and baby Hail-ey

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