Summertime gives us the opportunity for some fun adventures. It's even more fun when those adventures don't break the bank. Luckily, I found a little hack on the Rockford Discovery Center's page that everyone should know about!

I was chatting with a coworker when she and I found this out. I love visiting museums, but the travel and tickets to get in are insane sometimes. If it's tough for me, I can't imagine how much it costs for an entire family. Well, I think I found a fun way to visit Children's Museums without doing damage to the wallet!

Affordable Children's Museum Options in Rockford and Illinois

Now, the key is getting a membership at a museum that's an organization in the Association of Children's Museums. You don't just have to get it at the Discovery Center though, but it's the closest to us.

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The CLIMB SuperPass OR Family membership can get you benefits at museums throughout Illinois AND the country. They have many free things that you can get, but on top of that, you can get 50% off admission for up to six (6) people at museums that are part of the organization I mentioned before.


Here is a list of the Illinois locations mentioned...

That's just a small snippet of how many museums you can get cheap tickets to in Illinois. But, like I said before, this also allows you discounted access to children's museums throughout the country (even Canada!)

You can see a full list of the museums included HERE. Everything's more fun when the pricing worries are aside. And honestly, I had so much fun visiting children's museums with my family growing up! If you can, take advantage of it because those memories last a lifetime!

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