If you're in the mood for McDonald's, Rockford has many locations to choose from. However, there are certain select menu items the franchise has that I wish would make their debut in The Stateline.

I've been a vegetarian for about 6 years now. I grew up loving McDonald's (as most people do,) but haven't been able to order much there since giving up meat. Let me tell you, I love not consuming meat... but I miss the nostalgia and convenience of the golden arches.

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I recently found out that certain select locations actually do have a plant-based menu! And before people judge it, take a look at the insane food items they have. Personally, I would like to order them all.

Take a close look at the Vegetable Deluxe ("chicken") sandwich. Pretty sure that's just two plant-based strips on a bun haha! But I'm chill, if it tastes good I'll give it a try! However, the 'The Spicy Veggie One' wrap is calling to me right now!

McDonald's Website
McDonald's Website

I'm itching for access to these, but sadly they're not available. So.. I'm going out on a whim here and making a special request to the McDonald's locations in Rockford.

Dear Rockford McDonald's, Please Bring Plant-Based Options

McDonald's is a staple in most people's childhood. I still love to go there for some iced coffee and oatmeal, but I'm pleading for these meals to make their debut here! The wrap especially, as per my own desires haha.

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I'm crossing my fingers that these foods can make their way here. Even if I'm the only one, I'll still be consistent and loyal!


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